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Welcome to Detchai rubber, the manufacture of sportman paddy dehusking rubber rollers.


Our factory is located just 3 hours from Bangkok by car, which is the highest area of rice milling.

Our production line uses the best machines in the rubber rice roller industry.

we have two internal Banbury mixers, which are the top mixing technology of rubber rice roller.

Every mixing compound control by programming gives reliable consistent paddy dehusking rubber rollers.

Through decades we have developed the compound and the production line design of a paddy-dehusking roller to meet the durability, performance, and economy criteria.

Our semi-auto production lines give sportman paddy dehusking rubber rollers a long life service in every unit.

It is because of sportman paddy-dehusking roller durability, performance, and economy that keep our customers repeating their orders and becoming our long-term business partne...

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Our products

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